Protection of personal data

Your personal data and YUJ

At YUJ, we believe that you should have control over your data. This is the direction we are taking, bearing in mind that we still have a long way to go. Apart from the few legal obligations to which we are subject, only you can agree to the use of your data by YUJ. 

Personal data refers to any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person, directly or indirectly, by means of an identifier or one or more factors specific to his or her identity. It may be, for example, a surname, a first name, an e-mail address, a location, an identity card number, an IP address, a photo, etc.

The data you give us is processed by YUJ-Yoga with style SAS, 11 rue Edmond Valentin, 75007 Paris.

On this page you can find all the processing of your personal data.

All of the information in your account is only used for the purposes of your business relationship with This information is never shared with third parties or resold. If we sometimes rely on subcontractors, they only act on our behalf and in accordance with our instructions. Finally, your banking information is never in our possession. Transactions are processed entirely by Paypal or by the secure payment module of our partner. The Site uses cookies, which the user is informed of when he/she arrives on the website, to record information relating to the computer's navigation on the website. These cookies are installed only after acceptance by the user, the continuation of the navigation on the website being considered as acceptance. The user may oppose the use of these cookies by configuring his browser, knowing that access to certain services may require prior acceptance by the user of cookies.

    The processing of your personal data is only carried out after your consent has been obtained.

    Your data is only used by YUJ: our marketing department, our customer relations centre, etc. If our subcontractors process your data, they do so only for data hosting purposes, but also to enable us to inform you whether or not your opinions have been published, and finally for analysis purposes, and only on instructions from YUJ.
    If requested by a court, this data may also be transferred to the authorities (police, gendarmerie, etc.).

    We collect and process your personal data in order to process your purchase (we may need your delivery or billing address for example) and to prevent fraudulent purchases (for example we want to prevent payment with a stolen credit card). 

    For more information, we will explain in detail how we handle your data when you shop on our website.

    Shelf life

    Data sent to our delivery service providers is kept for 1 year after delivery of your order. All other data related to orders are kept for 10 years. Your credit card details are kept for 12 months.

    Recipients of the data

    In order to process your order or answer your questions, some of our departments may have access to your data: IT, the customer relations centre, our shop teams, our internal logistics. We also use subcontractors for technical purposes such as hosting or for delivery purposes. Their access is strictly controlled by YUJ. They are not allowed to use your data for any other purpose than the execution of their service.

    Upon judicial request, these data can also be transferred to the authorities (police, gendarmerie etc...)

    Legal basis for processing

    You have placed an order with YUJ. In legal terms, this is called a contract. To fulfil our part of the contract, we need to process your personal data.

    Data processed

    We process the data that allows the payment of your items and their delivery (your name, first name, delivery address and tracking number). Your email and phone number will allow you to be notified of the progress of your order.

    Your rights

    You can ask to consult and rectify your personal data. Simply send us an email to 

    Entrusting us with your data does not mean that you lose control of them, quite the contrary! 

    You have several rights. Some of these apply to all processing of your data, others depend on the type of processing carried out and, more specifically, on the legal basis on which it is carried out (contract, legal obligation, consent, legitimate interest, etc.).

    Below you will find a brief description of these rights and how they can be implemented.

    The right of access :

    This right allows you to ask us questions about the nature of the processing that concerns you (type of data, origin of collection, etc.). It also allows you to ask us for a copy of all the information concerning you. This right applies regardless of the legal basis for the processing of your data.

    The right of rectification :

    Moving house, getting married,... there are many situations that may lead you to update your data. The right of rectification serves precisely this purpose. This right applies regardless of the legal basis for the processing of your data.

    The right to object :

    It is the right to say "no! the right not to be included in a data processing operation or to be excluded from it. This right applies when the processing is based on the "legitimate interest" of YUJ, provided that this interest is not "compelling".

    Right to erasure :

    It is the right to be forgotten. YUJ has no reason to keep your data beyond what is necessary. All your data is therefore automatically deleted after the retention period announced when your data was collected.
    Where your data is processed on the basis of your consent or on the basis of YUJ's legitimate (non-compelling) interest, you may obtain early deletion of your data by writing to us at

    Right to portability :

    This right allows you to request your data, if they are processed with your consent or in a contractual relationship. What is the difference with the right of access? We are obliged to provide you with data in a format that is technically usable by you or by an entity other than YUJ.

    Right to limitation :

    This right is a complementary right to some of the other rights outlined above. In fact, it allows you to have your data "frozen" after a request for rectification, for example. In case of doubt about the legality of one of our processes, this right would allow you to ask our teams to stop processing your data, but without deleting it. Finally, if you wish to have your rights established, exercise or defend them in court, you could also request that your personal data be "frozen". If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

    To ensure that your application is managed as efficiently as possible, please remember :

    • to tell us which processing operation(s) your request concerns
    • to tell us which right(s) you wish to exercise
    • to provide us with any information enabling us to ensure that the author of the request is indeed the person concerned by the processing (last order number, date of birth, etc.)

    If, despite all our efforts, you feel that your rights have not been respected, you can refer the matter to the CNIL:

    For more information about our cookie policy, you can refer to the following page:

    Chat & Online Discussions

    This website uses Tidio, a chat platform that connects users with YUJ customer support. We collect email addresses/names/phone numbers only with users' consent in order to start the chat. The messages and data exchanged are stored within the Tidio application. For more information, please see their privacy policy.
    YUJ does not use these messages or data other than to track registered user issues or requests. Your personal data will be processed and transmitted in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).